My Mother-In-Law makes absolutely the best chiffon cake, or some may refer to it locally as ‘pandan cake’. Most of us have probably started eating this light and fluffy sponge cake since we were kids, and we are no different from you. The difference is, her sponge cake is really the best.

She is what you would call a traditional woman – a full-time housewife who spends her time looking after her children and cooking for the family. Needless to say, her cooking and baking skills are comparable to professional chefs and bakers. Like most women her generation though, they do not think they are capable of contributing to the family in the monetary sense. They have the idea that they do not possess the skills to work outside, and that their role belongs at home.

BakersFirst was created precisely of this reason, because we feel that traditional housewives are in fact able to earn their own keep with the skills they have – they just have not realised it yet. This platform is created for them to showcase their home baking skills and sell their freshly-made home bakes, and for people like you and I to purchase delicious cakes, cookies, snacks and festive goodies at a more affordable price.

Thank you for coming here and supporting these home bakers. Your purchase is an affirmation to them that they are valued, and are able to earn their own money and contribute as much as others in the household.

If you know of a home baker who is deserving to sell their own creations to a wider audience than they currently have, please introduce them to this website and join us as a vendor. We will be delighted to have them join this great community.

Thank you!